Best Garlic Pills For High Blood Pressure

Garlic has long been used as a medicinal herb – most people know it as an ingredient in stinky soups and sauces. But did you know that it’s high in antioxidants? This means that it can help lower high cholesterol and even prevent heart disease. Although high blood cholesterol numbers can sometimes be a dangerous thing, studies have continually shown that garlic can actually significantly lower blood pressure without increasing heart rate. So, why is it that so few people are aware of this? Garlic has played an important dietary as well as medicinal role for human. Blood pressure reducing properties are available in garlic. So, Garlic Pills For High Blood Pressure are used to reduce blood pressure.

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Garlic’s effectiveness in combating high blood pressure can partly be attributed to its antioxidant properties – the more capsaicin (or chili) in a garlic product, the more potent it becomes. Capsaicin is what gives peppers their heat, and capsaicin is also a powerful antiseptic. In effect, it kills all those harmful bacteria that cause high blood pressure – and as we’re already well aware, the key to fighting heart disease is avoiding those.

Garlic supplements can show a significant effect in reducing blood pressure, but there’s more than that. Garlic contains the powerful plant compound called allicin – which has a reputation for being able to fight off bacteria and viruses. By taking a supplement with at least 5% allicin, you can cut your risk for high BP by almost 40%. There are a number of natural products that contain allicin, including garlic oil, garlic capsules, and garlic tabs. The important thing is that you’re not allergic to garlic, so using it to help lower your hypertension should be safe.

Another key to garlic’s effectiveness in combating high BP is the way it acts at the blood vessels. It thickens the blood and tightens the muscles in the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. A lot of research has shown that blood vessels that are less flexible lead to higher blood pressure readings. If you suffer from hypertension, then getting some extra garlic in your diet could be just what you need to get your blood pressures back under control.

Garlic is one of nature’s wonders – it can lower cholesterol, boost your immune system, and even make you feel more energetic. All of those things contribute to lowering your blood pressures. It may seem strange to you that blood clots can cause hypertension, too, but garlic actually helps prevent blood clots by getting at the plaque that causes them. Just cut the clotted garlic a bit bigger and squeeze it a few times; the juice will go into your arteries and help reduce your blood pressures again. Of course, you shouldn’t take it directly from the garlic clove itself; if you’re allergic to it then you should find a different product that’s made without it.

Of all the foods that you can eat to help your high blood pressure, garlic is one of the most powerful and least toxic. If you eat a small amount of garlic every day, it can help you lower your levels within weeks, as long as you don’t eat a big bunch. As with most things, though, moderation is key when it comes to ingesting anything to help your health, especially if you’ve been told that it’s bad for you; high blood pressures are caused by a build up of plaque, and garlic helps to get at that buildup. You can find high garlic pills for high blood pressures online or at your local health food store; you just have to be sure to read the ingredients to make sure that there aren’t any hidden substances or chemicals that will cause problems for you.