Is Silicone Lubricant Good For Skateboard Bearings?

Is silicone lubricant good for skating bearings? If so, it is a good alternative. The silicone lubricant is not intended to replace the lubrication provided. Instead, it is designed to protect the bearing from moisture. If silicone is too aggressive for the bearing, it can wear out more quickly. So, it is best to apply a layer of silicone grease before skating, visit

Dry lubrication

One of the first steps towards maintaining your skateboard’s bearings is to regularly lubricate them. However, there are some conditions that need to be taken into account. The climate you live in will have an impact on the viscosity of the skateboard bearing lubricant. In cooler climates, the viscosity increases, while in hot climates, the viscosity decreases. However, the benefits of lubrication far outweigh the disadvantages.

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A good dry lubricator for skateboard bearings is a wax-like substance that works just like oil, but doesn’t get dirty. It lasts for several months and does not require a solvent to clean the bearings. This lubricant comes in a bottle with a pinpoint spout and will ensure that you get the right amount of lubrication for the bearings.

Silicone lubricant

There are many types of skateboard lubricant available in the market today. Silicone lubricant is one such product. This skateboard lubricant comes in a variety of formulations, but the main difference between them is the consistency. Silicone lubricant is a semi-fluid lubricant, whereas oil lubricants are more solid. Both types of lubricants have different advantages. The lubricant is odorless and pleasant to use and is suitable for bearings made of plastics and metals. Another type of skateboard lubricant is dry lubricant, which is a waxy compound that does not have any sticky properties. It also doesn’t affect the plastic parts in the board, and is therefore good for all kinds of skateboards, including

If you don’t feel comfortable applying grease to your skateboard bearings, you can use Marine or engine grease. This lubricant is usually thick, blue or green, and comes in a grease gun or tub. This lubricant can last for years, but if you don’t feel like using grease, you can always pack your bearings with silicone grease or oil.


WD40 is not the right lubricant for skateboard bearings. While you may hear people complain about their bearings being noisy, this lubricant doesn’t damage the bearings. Fortunately, there are several different brands of skateboard bearing lubricants available for you to choose from. In addition to skateboard bearing lubricants, you can also get skateboard bearing cleaner kits. While WD40 does a decent job of cleaning your bearings, it can also dry them out and attract dust and dirt.

Other skateboard bearing lubricant brands claim to be odorless, eco-friendly, and toxin-free. In addition to being odorless, this product is also safe to use around children. This skateboard bearing lubricant is an excellent alternative to lubricant formulations that can be harmful to your health. These products are available in a convenient 20-ounce bottle and include a nozzle-like applicator.

Coconut oil

There are many types of skateboard bearing lubricants on the market, but coconut oil is one of the most common and effective ones. This lubricant is environmentally friendly, odorless, and safe for children to use. Another type of lubricant for skateboard bearings is SK8 Oil. This lubricant is packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle. Not only does it protect skateboard bearings, but it is safe for all surfaces, including plastic. The lubricant is absorbed quickly and offers maximum protection for skateboard bearings.

Another type of lubricant is petroleum jelly. This lubricant can be used as an alternative to silicone, although this may introduce bacteria and stain your skateboard. Coconut oil is also a good alternative to petroleum jelly. Coconut oil is an excellent silicone lubricant for skateboard bearings. But always check with your skateboard manufacturer or seller before using any lubricant.

Squeaks Gone all-purpose lubricant

Squeaks Gone all-purpose lubricant for skateboard bearings is a non-toxic, odorless spray that works to protect your board’s bearings. It’s safe for kids and the environment. This product comes with a needle tip that makes lubricating your board a snap. It works to lubricate all types of bearings, including skateboard bearings, and is especially effective in preventing wear and tear on your board.

Another option is Liberty oil synthetic lubricant. This spray-on lube comes in a 4-oz bottle, which is more convenient than smaller bottles. It contains no mineral oil and is 100 percent synthetic. Because of its synthetic composition, it will not get distorted or clotted even under extreme conditions. Unlike other lubricants, Liberty oil doesn’t cause any corrosion or rust.