Tijuana Manufacturing Companies

Tijuana is Mexico’s third largest city and the second-most populated one in all of the country. It is also one of the fastest growing, most vibrant economic centers in the world today. Tijuana, Tacna produces more than a quarter of Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP). The huge economic potential has spurred a huge growth in Tijuana manufacturing companies over the past decade. Some have even been based in Mexico all their lives.

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Tijuana is home to some very well known companies that border the United States such as I-Robot, El Monte Electric, and Azura Systems. These are some of the more traditional industrial brands in the country. But recently, more, small and medium-sized manufacturing companies have been arriving in Tijuana. They bring with them innovative ideas and technologies, capital, and the ability to operate in a much more cost effective manner than any other manufacturing company in Mexico.

The industrial base of Tijuana is centered around the San Diego-Tijuana Port, which is the main international access point for all North American goods entering the country through the San Diego-Baja California Border. This port and the adjacent San Jose port are what allows for so much access to the American market. Tijuana’s proximity to the U.S. border allows for easy movement of trucks, cars, and other forms of commerce. It can be shipped from the port of San Diego across the border into the United States, or it can be directly shipped into the nation by trucks or train. Either way, the Tijuana manufacturing companies that are based in the city benefit because they have access to the markets and consumers north of the border.

Tijuana has a wide variety of Tijuana industrial companies that are catering to a variety of different products. Some of these are clothing, textiles, leather goods, toys, and electronics. Tijuana is currently undergoing a massive amount of development and growth as more companies choose to set up shop in the city. The reason why so many companies choose to make their own factories in Tijuana rather than locate in Mexico is because there is far less overhead in the U.S., taxes are lower, and people are more open to the idea of outsourcing to Mexico. Tijuana offers a low cost of living and very competitive labor rates. Most companies will tell you that they can save money on labor by manufacturing in Tijuana, as well as pay a considerably lower tax rate.

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to build their own plants and factories in Tijuana. One of them is the availability of workers in the area. Tijuana has a large Hispanic population, and these people speak English. Because many of these people are illegal aliens, they are accustomed to working in the U.S. and establishing firms on American soil. Another reason why some companies choose to build their plant in Tijuana is because of the ease of acquiring the land. In fact, many of these companies have their own military bases nearby, making it easy for them to acquire the land and clear out an entire neighborhood in order to set up their plant.

Tijuana manufacturing companies provide products all over the world. Some of these include electronics, clothing, food products, and medicine. Tijuana also offers work to people from all walks of life. It’s easy to see why so many people choose to live in Tijuana.